Friday, January 9, 2009

Some thoughts on stitching and blogging...

Vonna brought up a lot of questions on her blog today that I want to comment on here. I don't mind if people count their finishes or what they count as finishes if that is what works for them. I'll probably end of counting my finishes at the end of 2009 as well! I haven't stitched for years and I really regret not keeping better track of my projects, since a lot of them aren't in my possession anymore. I want to keep a stitching journal with photographs, mainly so my kids (daughter probably) can have it when I'm gone.

I am in awe of some of the stitching blogs and amazed at the amount of stitching some people do. Ornaments and other smalls may not take long to stitch, but there is also the time involved in finishing them. It takes me forever to do this and that is why I have so many little projects stuck away in a drawer.

I just want to be proud of what I stitch and happy that I finish something. Prolific stitchers are inspiring to me and I don't think there should be any negativity towards people that are able to do so much. It's not a race...there is no finish line. That funny little feeling we stitchers get when we see a chart we want to stitch is something we all share and and we all know that is why we all collect so much stash!

Happy stitching,


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Lee said...

I've just stopped by after following a link to a link and so on, and I have to tell you what a lovely blog you have here! Neat projects and great photography.