Wednesday, June 15, 2011


A view from the top deck overlooking the marsh and Pamlico peaceful
Yes, I have been on a vacation. A real one to Ocracoke Island as well as a vacation from stitching. Though the stitching is always close by, sadly to say I just haven't felt the urge to stitch. I started to get the itch to knit but I suppressed it since I didn't feel like spending money on yarn. Here is a pic of my current WIP which by all rights should have been finished by now!
Simply Live in memory of Lisa Roswell
Our vacation on Ocracoke was wonderful! It's an island just south of Hatteras Island on the Outer Banks. Beautiful unspoiled beaches, a lovely old town without all the hoopla you find at some other vacation spots (no mini-golf or amusement parks). We loved the house we stayed in. It was very close to the beach (no homes are built on the beaches there) and just a bike ride or walk to town. The mosquitoes were a little pesky though and my daughter attracts them like ants are attracted to sugar. Poor girl. I'd have one bite and she would have 10. We went to the beach every day and managed not to get sunburned, not even tan for that matter!
The blooming Oleander in front of our house
One reason I chose this house...the wonderful artwork!
I love the pelicans perched on these pilings
Ocracoke charming
Unspoiled beaches
Crossing paths with a ferry, the only way to get to Ocracoke
Cape Hatteras Lighhuse
Claire atop the Hatteras Lighthouse being joyful!
Mark and I a little windblown