Monday, June 29, 2009

Karma or just good luck?

This is so weird. I mentioned our sweet gum tree in my last post. Last fall it lost a good chunk during a very bad windstorm we had here in Ohio. DH wasn't sure he wanted to take it down. I've wanted to take it down ever since we've lived here. It's just in a bad spot and those little prickly balls are all over the place!

I was at work last Thursday night and someone mentioned that it looked like a hurricane out there. Thanks Amy for saying that, because it prompted me to call DH and ask him to please park the new used Subaru in the garage. Naw, the wind isn't blowing hard DH said. He's always in denial about storms...grew up in New Hampshire and thinks everyone is just a baby about the weather.

A short time later I get a phone call at work. You won't believe this! The tree fell! OMG, where was the car I ask? I put it in the garage. Who was smiling down on us that day?

We had just had an estimate to take the tree down and were in the process of getting more when this happened. Needless to say, this will happen very soon! There is one large branch hanging over a very beautiful purple beech tree and I don't want any harm to come to that tree.

It was quite a week for emptying our wallets. Our 4 year old Fisher Paykel washing machine went a little nuts and started to behave $240 later. We bought another car (son's money, but insurance to be paid by us). Then the tree. Keeping the fingers crossed for more good karma!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

An ending and a beginning

Prairie Schooler "Spring Has Come"
32 count Wichelt lambswool
DMC threads

I finally sat down to put the last "few" stitches in Spring Has Come. It seemed everytime I thought I had stitched the last stitch I noticed another one that I had missed. It's those dreaded single stitches that get to me so it takes a little discipline to get them in.

But it's done and now I have to figure out how I want to display it. I have the rest of the season charts, but don't think I'll get to another one anytime soon.

I started BOAF Bitter Flower which I want to give to my mother. I haven't given her any needlework since I did a bargello pillow in the 70's. I hope she still has that pillow up in the attic somewhere. Think I will rescue it on my next visit.

Birds of a Feather "Bitter Flower"
32 count BOAF Barn Owl
WDW threads

Sorry about the yellow cast to my photos. It is bright and sunny outside, but I took these inside on our sun porch, which is not really a sun porch because of all of the trees surrounding our house. DH wants to remove a few trees ($$$) but the tree guy that came over the other day said that would be a mistake. There is one broken sweet gum that really needs to go and a lot of deadwood to be taken out of the elms and maples.

I have gotten back into gardening after neglecting our yard for the past couple of years. I just feel so totally overwhelmed by our yard sometimes and there are so many projects to be done that are costly. I realized yesterday as I pulled weeds that I have probably lost a fair number of perennials because they were crowded out by the asters and black eyed Susan's. I am trying to revive the herb garden as well and when the sweet gum goes, I'll be able to expand it.

We also need to paint and repair trim on this old house, so we are never lacking for things to do! I know I am lucky to live where I live, on such a nice large lot with a lovely brick home, but it really gets to me sometimes that we are always so behind. At least that's how it feels to me. I need a million bucks so someone else can do the work! We tried renovating our kitchen and ran into a number of problems, now it is half finished and I'm ready to call in the troops. Yikes! If it's not one thing, it's another...

Monday, June 15, 2009

How are you?

Tense me

Not much stitching going on these days but I sure do think about it a lot! My to do list(s) just keep getting longer and I'm just not crossing stuff off fast enough. The stitching is always on the list, but it just ain't happening!

I just have to talk about something that we got into at work today. When someone asks you how you are, is it OK to just say "fine" or "good" or must we always answer with "GREAT!" or "TERRIFIC!" even though we really feel just OK? If something is bothering us, and it is because a parent is sick or has passed away, or another loved one is having problems, or we are sick ourselves or having money problems, should we always put on the game face and say that we are terrific?

One of my co-workers, who I really like, is on a mission to change me and my attitude, and I think my attitude is really just fine, thank-you. I know he was just kidding about this (I think) but it kind of got to me. I don't go around saying how depressed I am or how sick or tired I feel so I'm not sure where this is coming from. Maybe it's just my crabby looking face! I'll go on the defensive if he keeps bugging me about this. Or maybe I'll just tell him what he wants to hear...

Loving, sweet me

Though I haven't been stitching myself, I have enjoyed seeing everyone's beautiful works. I will get back into it shortly. I've been shopping for a car for DS, college shopping for DD, gardening, had a yard sale, and now we need to start painting the trim on our house as well as find someone to take down some trees and maybe put in a patio (I hope, I hope!).

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know what you think about the "how are you" thing.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A donation and some mojo

I sold one of these bobble heads at our yard sale the other day for $2 and I found a guy selling them on his website for $64.95! Wish I had kept that little guy.

I did something today I have always been nervous about doing and it was a piece of cake. I gave blood! DD wanted to donate so I tagged along. If she can do it so can I! Her donation didn't go so well though. Her blood must have clotted and little and it stopped flowing, causing some discomfort. Her lips turned a lovely shade of white. Poor baby. They removed the needle, gave her some juice and all was well. I hope this doesn't stop her from donating. I was so proud of her for giving. Her first donation went well, so hopefully this was just a bad stick.

I'll keep giving now as long as they keep accepting my blood. DH started to do apheresis donations (platelets) when his brother had leukemia and was faithful about making donations long after his brother passed away. Unfortunately his blood tested positive for some factor and they wouldn't take his blood any longer. The tests may have been giving false positives, but they take no chances.

I'm getting my stitching mojo back and should have a finish tonight or tomorrow. I have been feeling so dispirited about life in general, but I'm coming out of it. Bad news had been bringing me down. It is always one thing after another as you all know! Where's the bus stop on the road of life where you can just get off and rest for awhile???