Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A little friendship progress

Thank you all for your kind comments on my embarrassing and a little humiliating experience with the pear.  In hindsight I wish I had been more patient and not so hasty in going to the ER.  I know I will have to pay for some of it out of pocket and I will not like doing that.  If that ever happens again, I will do a headstand or something before I run off to the hospital! 

I finally got going on the BOAF friendship sampler after having doubts about my fabric and threads.  I had started it with DMC and broke down and decided to order the rest of the overdyes that I needed.  There are a lot of color changes in this one so it will take a little longer.  I wish I was a faster stitcher...

The next couple of months will be busy with graduation preparations, gardening and stitching.  DD will be making her college choice shortly.  At present, it is down to the University of Dayton and Miami University, both in southwest Ohio (anyone out there have experience with these schools?)  This is an exciting but nerve wracking time for her.  Lots of school work and many hours working at the ice rink because of all the hockey tournaments going on now.  She is the type of person who thinks she is never doing enough and feels guilty about it.  I need some of her energy!

The sun is shining and I feel good today!  Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Just a little bit of pear

The weirdest thing happened yesterday while I was at work.  Overall it had not been a great day.  DD left her car lights on and needed a jump and she had a not so great experience with our new can use possibly pick out new frames when your eyes are dilated and somewhat crossed???

I was taking my 15 minute break at work and settled down with my nice big red D'Anjou pear.  I cut off a piece and took a bite and before I knew it, it slid right down my throat!  I knew right away, crap, that damn thing is stuck in my throat!  At first I thought I could just swallow and get it down and tried to drink some water.  The water just flowed back out!

Well, I admit I started to panic.  Though I could breath OK and could talk, I didn't know quite what was happening and asked for help.  My coworker wanted to slap me on my back but I told her to do the Heimlich.  I guess the Heimlich doesn't help when something is stuck in your throat and not your airway but I wasn't sure where the pear was stuck.  Then the store manager tried it to no avail.  After trying to cough it up and trying to make myself throw up (ick, I know, it's disgusting) it still wouldn't come out. 

I told him to go ahead and call the EMT's because I didn't think I could handle going home myself and there was no way I was going to be able to work.  I couldn't even swallow saliva!  3 nice guys showed up and encouraged me to go with them to the ER just in case.  So we all walk out of the store (I'm sure it's the talk of the day today) and off we go to the hospital. 

I got settled in at the ER and after taking my vitals, I reclined on the bed and felt that darn piece of pear gently make it's way down my esophagus!  I was relieved, but I couldn't help but feel embarrassed because of all the hoopla.  I did have to wait for the registration lady and then the doc so I could be discharged and they let me go. 

Had to walk home because my car was at work.  We only live maybe 5 blocks away so it was a pleasant walk home in this nice spring like weather but I did find out how little the sidewalks were cleared of snow. 

Today my throat is a little tender and it still feels like something is there, most likely because there may be a little swelling.  One thing I can tell you is that if you are choking, make sure that the people you are with are aware of what is going on and not making fun or joking about it.  It can happen so fast, and if something really cuts off the airway, you need to take immediate action. 

DD tells me that one of her eyes is still dilated today.  She has lazy eye and after the dilation drops, her eyes went a little nutty.  She was seeing double for quite awhile.  She has used contacts since she was 12 (she's 18 now) and hasn't had a pair of glasses for years but she really should have a pair.  The optician assistant told us she can get lenses that aren't coke bottle thick if she chooses the right frame.  I'm not so sure I like the new optician but our previous doctor doesn't accept the vision insurance that we added on this year.  I can't figure that out, because he accepts the state insurance plan (same insurance company) but not the federal plan.  All this insurance stuff is so baffling.

Hope to get some stitching in today and no pears for me thank you!

Friday, March 5, 2010

A knitting finish, a new sampler and my mom

Let me see, let me see...  How could I possibly choose which show to watch?  For those of you that love trash TV for the absolute mindless stupid but very entertaining drivel, the choices on Thursday evening were...

American Idol
Real Housewives of Orange County
Real Housewives of New York City
Project Runway
The Marriage Ref

After talking with my complicated 21 year old DS on the phone last night, I needed as much mindless drivel as I could get.

I missed Idol but watched Marriage Ref and it was fun.  The other shows can wait because they are rerun many times during the week.  Marriage Ref was cute.  Little slices of married life.  Can't understand the woman who thought it was OK to floss her teeth while in bed with her hubby.  Gross!

I finished this and gifted it to a co-worker.  I told her to please not examine it too closely.  Stitching the pieces together can make or break a knitted garment.  I don't think it was too bad, but I wouldn't win any prizes for it at the county fair.

I don't need to spend any time deciding what to work on next because I am going to start stitching this cute sampler.  

The chart came by way of Teresa and organized by Melissa.  There are 22 stitchers scheduled to stitch this one.  I really like these traveling charts.  Hope that border doesn't make me crazy!  
I have just one more thing to blog about.  My mom, who is 86 years old and has osteoporosis, broke 2 ribs last week and doesn't know how she did it.  This is how brittle her bones are now.  Scary.  Her own mother was crippled by it and spent her later years in a wheelchair or in bed.  I know this prospect frightens my mother.  I myself am very aware of the disease and have been having bone scans on a regular basis.  Right now I am just taking lots of vitamins and calcium and trying to exercise regularly (I am bad about this).  I was on Fosamax for a while but quit taking it because I am concerned about the side effects.  I need to be vigilant about my health when it comes to this and am going to be looking for a good doc to help me with this.  
Mom continues to live at home with my sister, but I don't know how much longer this will work since my sister works many hours.  I fear more broken bones.  It will be a difficult future, I am sure.

Thanks for stopping by!  If you have any osteoporosis stories, I sure would love to hear them.