Monday, May 18, 2009

Prom and life's ups and downs

A proud mom always has to show off pictures of her children and this weekend I was very proud of Claire, my 17 year old daughter. She went to her first prom with boyfriend (of 1 year!) on Saturday. They went out of town with 3 other couples for dinner, back to town for the "grand march", the prom and then the after prom party. They arrived home around 3 am. I was only worried about the drive out of town, but all went well. It was a little windy out and DD's hair became a little wind blown, but she was lovely none the less. Most of the girls had their hair up, but she decided to keep it down and lightly curled. Her dress was actually purple but showed up blue in all of our photos!

This picture is "so Wayne County". Various vehicles dropped the kids off in front of the auditorium where the prom was held. There was even valet parking for them. Some kids came by fire truck, some by convertible, but I didn't see any limos this year (and no Amish buggies!).

Aside from this fine weekend, I have been distracted and disturbed by some family issues. It has me reevaluating my life and my choices, the good and the bad. It is so hard being a parent and I wonder if I ever should have taken this on. I find myself wondering what the heck life is about and how to make it meaningful. Anyone out there have the answer? Please pass it on...

Hopefully stitchy pics will follow soon.

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Learning about cystic fibrosis

Nothing stitching related tonight. After finishing the little Blackbird Designs sampler, I needed to take a little break from stitching and get some stuff done around the house.

I just wanted to post a link here to a website about the disease cystic fibrosis and the son of one of my co-workers. I have been trying to help out when I can with a little fund raising through our company.

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

A Cure 4 Lil' Chris

Lil' Chris was diagnosed very early, making it possible for his mom and dad to do as much as possible to keep him healthy. In Ohio, genetic testing for this disease is offered to the parents and Michele and Chris (the dad) knew they were carriers, so they were able to determine that their son had CF very soon after his birth. Their 3 month old daughter does not have CF.

Michele's blog is a wealth of information about the day to day stuff that goes on in family that has a CF child. I can only imagine what it is like to have a child that has any congenital disease or developmental problems.