Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Me and Barack, a stupid mistake and a stitching update

I was fortunate enough to have my photo taken with Barack Obama on Tuesday. Friends of ours hosted an inauguration party on Tuesday morning, complete with champagne toasts and lots of red, white and blue party stuff. It was a lot of fun sharing this occasion with like minded friends. It was painful listening to the swearing in though. Ouch! How could that happen?

Now...for my stupid mistake. Look what I did to my new R&R overdyed linen. See the nice white splotch? How did I do that? Don't ask, it's too embarrassing. Depending on the light, I sometimes can see the splotch from the other side. Don't know if I want to use this fabric for its intended purpose now. I have to give it some time so I don't feel so bad about what happened.

Because of this, I didn't start my new piece and decided to stitch another ornament. I did several ornaments in December and they aren't "finished" yet, so I decided to stitch my January ornie for the 2009 Christmas Challenge. Maybe I can finish stitching it today.

Chose this one in honor of U. S. Figure Skating Championships, being held this week in Cleveland.
Wish I could make it up there to see some fantastic skating! Watch for TV coverage this weekend on NBC.


Barb said...


Danielle said...

Okay. I had to laugh out loud. When I looked at the pic of you and Barack, for a moment I really thought it was him, in the flesh.

Lynn said...

I had to do a double take too at the picture of you and Barack!
I know exactly which ornament this is. I have it on my wish list to do. I used to figure skate as a child and I'm a big fan of the sport.