Sunday, August 23, 2009

Too much milk

This is so sad. A large dairy farm in our county is shutting down production by killing their cows. Our country is over importing milk apparently. What a rough business to be in.


Jennifer/OH said...

How sad! I could never be a farmer of any sort, unless I was the kind who let all my animals die humanely of old age. I'd never make a penny as the animals would get best treatment and housing etc.
As to your framing issue in the last post. Do try Michaels. I ordered "just frames" from them with no hassles. I'm simply too cheap to pay someone to do something I can do at home. I am not a wood-worker, so I can't cut out mouldings and make good corners, so I let the store do that. As for mounting and stuffing it in the frame...I've been doing that with store-bought standard frames for years. Last month was the very first time (in over 35 years of stitching) that I actually had custom frames made. A little pricey even with a 60% off coupon, but well worth the nice results.

Tammy said...

Boy, that's frustrating and very sad.