Sunday, August 23, 2009

Framing frustrations

Do you know that when you hit enter in blogger, let's say after entering the post title, your post is published? I think I just did that.

I made it a goal of mine last year when I began to stitch again after a long hiatus, that I would actually "finish finish" my stitching. I think that was one reason I quit stitching. Because nothing ever made it to walls or the tree or where ever. I have been successful in getting a few ornaments sewn up and stuffed and I am quite happy with those, even though my progress has been limited and very slow. I finally decided that I would try to frame a few pieces and scrounged around for some pre-made frames. A few of those might work. I ordered 2 frames from, refreshed my memory on framing needlework and set out to buy acid free foam core board. Can I find a single sheet of it in our town? Of course not. I think I will have to call a local framer and beg for one.

I had gone to Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago planning to order frames. The guy gave me a song and dance about how you couldn't order just the frame, they want to do the entire thing and said something about adhesive and other scary things. I walked away. I think I will try Michael's at some later point if I can find the time to drive out of town. I may have to go there anyway to get the foam board.

Anyone have any thoughts on the use of regular old foam board? Am I committing a sin if I use it?


doris said...

How can Hobby Lobby not sell you a frame? They're basically turning away business! Not too smart. I admire anyone who does their own framing. I'm a chicken.

Vonna said...

I have a tutorial on framing on my tutorial blog. I purchase frames custom all the time, and do the framing myself at home. They will even put in the foam core cut to size. I purchase from Hobby and Lobby and Michael's. If they guy at Hobby Lobby gave you that song and dance, I'd call the store and ask for the manager, or call the corporate head quarters. That is wrong and irresponsible - they sell custom frames.

Carol said...

Barb, from what I've read, I think the not "finishing a finish" thing is pretty common. You should see the boxes and drawers filled with finishes that I have that are waiting to be sewed into ornaments or framed! But, for me the joy of stitching is in the stitching itself--if that is what makes me happy then that is what I'll do. Stitching itself is such a great stress reliever, where as sitting at the sewing machine (for me at least) tends to be frustrating.

As for the framing thing, I've never dealt with Hobby Lobby (we don't have them in this area), but I think you need to talk to someone else there. Sounds like the person just was being lazy or maybe he was new and didn't really know what he was talking about. Good luck...