Wednesday, April 8, 2009

another ornament finish

I've been MIA from this blog lately, but I've been blogging in my mind. I was trying to get some stitching done so I would have something to show, and I finally have something!

Thanks so much for putting up with my rant in my last post. I really really appreciate all of your kind comments. I was wishing I had stuck with my old career job mainly because of money, but in truth, that job was often not satisfying and there was a lot of pressure. When I wanted to go part time, my boss still wanted me to do all the work I had been doing full time! I have never had a lot of confidence when it comes to working and often settle for the easy way out. At the tender age of 56, I don't see that changing :)

Here's my new ornament finish! I tell ya, this thing gave me fits! It called for using Wisper for the white cuff on the hat, but I could not and would not use this stuff. The thread kept breaking or knotting and I couldn't see where I was stitching. Then I decided to make a pillow ornament out of it, but mind me, working with the the lugana was a pain. By the time I was done sewing it up, the fabric was so unraveled that it unraveled me! So I sewed the little bands of the backing fabric around the edges. I really like the metallic lugana for ornaments, but I'll have to think of a better way to finish it next time.

A Merry Kitty Klaus by Val's Stuff
2007 JCS ornament issue
20 ct. metallic lugana
Crescent Colors floss

I used the Crescent Colors because I had never used it before and wanted to try it. The colors are nice and vibrant, but really not necessary for this little piece. DMC would have been just as good.

Congratulations to Lee's daughter who just decided to attend the College of Wooster, here in the town where I live. It is so exciting (and a tad bit scary) to see one's child get ready to go off to college. There's just a feeling of promise in the air and a hope for a good future for them. I was reading Lee's blog and saw that COW was one of the schools they were looking at and we chatted about the town and the school. Now we have a chance to meet IRL!


Karoline said...

Very cute, congratulations

Pam said...

Your ornament came out great! It's so cute. Can you tell me what the name of it is and who is the designer? I agree with you about the overdyed on a small project. You can't really see the color changes on it when there are only a few stitched.

Jean said...

Very cute ornament!! I can relate to becoming unraveled during a finish- you came up with a very clever solution! I don't think I've seen anyone finish an ornament like that, but I'll bet they will now! I'm thinking the kitty in the picture would be enjoying the story you just told! He/she looks a bit mischievous!