Friday, March 27, 2009

Pity party for one

Wish I could quite working! As you may have surmised, I work customer service at a large retail chain. It was all kind of by accident, I needed a job, they were hiring, I applied, and about 3 1/2 years later, I'm still at it.

Today I had a run in with a credit services manager over the phone and he called our store manager about it. The credit guy was rude and wouldn't talk to the customer I was trying to assist. I was stunned. So I was rude right back. Therefore the call to my manager. Then my manager called me into his office so I could explain myself. Fortunately he believed me my explanation. I know I should have handled it differently, but many times we do things without thinking them through, and I was just trying to make the customer happy.

I don't think I will call credit services again unless absolutely forced to. I will make the customer call so he/she can wait forever to speak to a real person.

So it's not rocket science or brain surgery and who really cares? No one really, I just hate feeling like I made a mistake and hate feeling like crap for the rest of the day and for however long it takes for me to forget about it.

Sometimes I so regret leaving my career job. Why the heck did I bother to get that MS degree anyway? By now I could be almost ready to retire with a good pension and solid pay, but instead, working 6-7 days in a row for measly pay and tedious, unrewarding work.

It was becoming a mom that changed things for me, so I always need to remember that is why I made the choices I did.

And...I give great customer service!


Deb said...

I feel your pain, but your post made me smile too. In a bittersweet way. I left a job I loved 11 years ago all for the love of the kids. It's been worth it a hundred times over. Sorry you had to have such a bad day!

Nicole said...

Barb, I so understand how you are feeling. I worked customer service in a grocery store for about eight years. I had those kind of days often. Hope you feel better soon!!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I definitely know those kinds of days.

Joanie said...

I understand how you feel too! I left a very creative art job when I had our DS (I NEVER regretted the decision because I wanted to be a SAHM) but I had to go to work when he was 9 so I took a job in manufacturing...long hours, much overtime and second shift. 5 long years.

Jean said...

Oh, I just hate when stuff like that happens. Nobody is happy with the way they behaved after it happened and it all gets cleared up - except for us! We think about it and mull it over and find it hard to just move forward. I hope sharing this experience will help you let go faster. You sound like you are great at your job and that is something to be VERY proud of. Customer service is no walk in the park- so thank goodness for people like you!

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Melissa said...

Barb, I'm sorry about the hassle at work. I can imagine Customer Service is a very tough job and that you are good at it because you care! The problem is about the other person not you but I can understand how you can feel 'attacked'.

Because we spend so much time at work, a lot of who we think we are are tied to what responses we get from others at work. I hope the weekend will afford some perspective and that you feel better soon. Although I'm not in CS I've been having work stress myself and can empathsize! Hang in there!

Tammy said...

Oh Barb--I feel your frustration. Becoming a mom changed my life in that way as well. I'm sorry you're feeling down. Even though we make our choices, it's OK to want things to be different sometimes--we're only human!

Pam said...

Hi! I wanted to introduce myself to you as a new followew to your blog. I love the two ornaments that you made and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

Andrea said...

Sorry you had a crappy day at work, I'm glad your boss was understanding. There was NO reason the credit guy should've had for not talking to the customer, I mean, come on, he needed to do his job, not pass it off on you or anyone else. I liked what you said though, about how the choices you've made were for your family...that's what really matters in the hugs to you!
About your question on my punch needle piece, yes, I just cut the fabric down around the angel....tried to fold it back and under but because of the shape, it wouldn't work. That's the main reason I plan on gluing it down (either to the board or to something else), to ensure it doesn't fray over time. Not sure that it would, but you know...
thanks for visiting me :-)

Anonymous said...