Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The stitches are on the hip and not on my linen!

I managed to get only a little stitching done while my husband was in surgery last Friday. I am really way behind! Didn't get my February ornament done for the 2009 Christmas Challenge, but I'm just a few stitches shy of finishing and then I'll do a simple finish.

Speaking of surgery, DH did just great! After only being in the hospital for a total of 3 days, he is now back home, on crutches (and lots of pain meds) and getting around pretty well. It will really be different having him home all the time...I'm sure you all can relate! He had a nice room with a view of Lake Erie, which was still full of ice, especially after this last cold snap.

I've been a little tired because of the stress, not only because of the surgery, but because my son in college far away from us, has been dealing with a lot of problems. I worry about him so much. I can see now that being a parent will never get easier! It isn't easy being 20 and trying to decide what you want out of life. I still haven't figured it out yet myself...

but I know that I want to start and complete all my new projects! Got my order in from Wasatch Needle Craft the other day. A good bargain on charts at 25% off! No more charts for me for awhile. I don't like having too many things lined up to do. It will make me feel overwhelmed. One thing at a time is my motto.

New stash:
  • Prairie Schooler - Spring Has Come
  • Prairie Schooler - Winter Wind
  • Birds of a Feather - Bitter Flower Sampler
  • La-D-Da - Leaping Cat
  • Birds of a Feather - No Bees No Honey
  • Carriage House Samplings - Flirt of a Feather
A happy stitchy day to all you wonderful stitching blogging companions!


Melissa said...

Hi Barb, glad to hear you and your DH are home and maybe that phase is done and now all it needs is R & R. Yourself included. You have some nice stash there. I know as I have all of them except the last one (not all stitched)! Let me know how long the "that's enough charts for awhile" lasts! ;-) Take care and have fun stitching.

Jean said...

I know what you mean about having your husband home. I love having mine home on weekends, but if he is ever home on a weekday, I feel like my time and space have been invaded! Hmmmm.... Glad the surgery went well. My nephew just had back surgery today - I don't know how it went - I'm assuming well. It's always hard when loved ones are recuperating.

I hope you get some nice stitching time and relaxation- Melissa is right on target reminding you to get R & R, too!

Lee said...

I'm happy that your DH is home and recovering well. And I know you'll get into a routine with him being home and your stress level will go down.

Ah. 20 year old sons? Never a dull moment! Barb, I worry almost all the time. But I always tell him (and myself) that he's a good and smart young man and he has the tools to make good decisions. And even if his decisions are bad ones, he has the tools to make things right.

That kind of settles him down. Me? Not so much. I STILL worry!

Glenna said...

Hi, Barb! I also know what you mean by having your dh home--just a little too much underfoot! I love having dbf around, except when he's finding things he wants to do that involve me not stitching! Or that question: what's for dinner? LOL. Take care!