Thursday, February 26, 2009

Odds and Ends, literally

I think it's getting to be time to change out my blog...there is no snow left to be seen in our burg! Not that I think spring is here yet - there is bound to be more snow and cold - but the body and mind start to long for something different and fresh.

I'm feeling anxious about DH's surgery tomorrow. Can't imagine how he's feeling. I start thinking about living wills and malpractice and all kinds of unreasonable but not really unreasonable things. Neither of us have living wills or funeral plans...after all, we are only in our mid-50's. But it is never too early to think about these things. I'm sure they will ask about a living will tomorrow, so I think we will have a conversation tonight and maybe fill out some forms.

DH was lucky enough to get away for a few days to be at his mom's 90th birthday. It was a last minute thing, so DD and I couldn't go with him. I'm so glad he was able to be there at the old homestead in NH. He also got to ski for 3 days which made him extremely happy. I told him he could take a whole week next year and ski his heart out. The new hip should make it so much better for him to enjoy the sports that he loves.

Happy 90th Glennis Jones!

OK, enough family talk!

What I've been working on this week

LHN '04 JCS ornament

And what I purchased this week

My very 1st ever Silkweaver fabrics!

I need to finish up this ornament within the next couple of days for the 2009 Christmas Challenge and the fabrics were an impulse buy from their Odds & Ends page. I just received word from Wasatch Needlecraft that my Hoffman order is on its way. It was too hard to resist 25% off on the charts! It sure wasn't too hard to ditch my plan of buying for 1 project at a time!

Have a happy stitchy day!

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