Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I could be working on this...

But I'm working on this.

Why does TaxCut feel it necessary to send out 3 copies of this program to us? What a waste. I decided to try their cheapie program online before I shell out $35 for this. We have never had our taxes done by someone else and at some point, I took over this job from my husband.

Have got to get this done so I can file the financial aid forms (FAFSA) for my son and so we can get our tax refund ASAP to help pay for his tuition.

So...less stitching will be done until I get this filed :(

While I'm working at the computer, Cheddar kitty is watching TV.

1 comment:

Vonna said...

Well at least if the IRS comes back to say you haven't paid all the right taxes you have an excuse "I used Tax Cut to prepare my taxes" and you can "forget to pay them" for years on end until you are nominated to lead the treasurary! :)

I love your sampler...love it!

And your kitty made me laugh out loud...what a precious picture!