Friday, February 13, 2009

Car wrecks, kitty cats and a cat's meow

Not a heck of a lot of stitching goin' on here! I thought I would be done with Cat's Meow by now, but there were days that I didn't pick up the needle.

Been a bit preoccupied with household "stuff" this past week, one of them being the big wreck below. It's fixed now, but we still don't have the insurance check. DH had a lapse of concentration leaving work and had a little "fender bender" (his exact words to me). It's only a car, I told myself, but I was a little upset.

poor sad car...

I want to finish up Cat's Meow this weekend. This was a chart that I bought on impulse some years ago. It's something I probably wouldn't choose now, but it is cute and of course has cats, which is always good!

Speaking of cats, if you saw the photo of my cat Cheddar watching TV and you want to know what had caught her attention, it's this video.

If you're also wondering why my Maine Coon type cat has the name of Cheddar, it's because I let my son (he was about 14 at the time) choose the name. There is no rhyme or reason for it and the name stuck. We ADORE this kitty!

I'll be playing nursemaid in a couple of weeks since DH decided to go ahead with hip surgery. He originally thought he could put it off until next fall, but his hip has gotten so bad that he took the first surgery date they had. He is having a hip "resurfacing" instead of a hip replacement. This will enable him to hopefully be as active as he has always been. He's too young to give up the cycling, skiing, hockey and hiking. He needs to take up a nice sedentary hobby like needlework so he doesn't wear down those old bones!


Jean said...

I love the cat piece you're working on!!

I'm impressed - a husband who actually takes charge of his medical needs!! Where did you find this guy? I'm sure you'll enjoy summer a lot more with the surgery out of the way.

Now - when he's convalescing - if he gets way too demanding or irritating (as sick husbands have been known to do), bring out all your stitching and talk to him about all the details of how it's done and how he should get involved in it and ask him to sort floss etc. I'm pretty sure that will keep him getting better FAST! Seriously- I wish you both a fast and uneventful recovery time.

Jean said...

After reading your comment on my blog,my faith is restored in womankind and man's nature!! I wasn't surprised that you were the engine!! What would men do without us????

Nancy said...

I think your kitty sampler is very pretty! Aren't they the best pets?