Thursday, October 22, 2009

Trees trees and more trees

I promise I won't gripe and complain this time! I actually have begun to like yoga a little. I just need to get more bendy. I was thinking Pilates would take care of the jiggly belly but it's going to take a heck of a lot of Pilates to do that! I was just kind of annoyed that they changed the class format without telling us.

We had some of our trees trimmed this week to hopefully fend off any major disasters this winter. We have had our fair share of close calls this year. For a few hours of work it cost $1075! And that was a low estimate! Here's the truck with the cherry picker right outside our sunroom.

This is one of the most beautiful trees on our property soon to be in its full fall glory. It's a ginkgo and beautiful as it is, it does shed some pretty stinky fruit now and again.

Stitching progress has been slow. I do wish I could stitch in the car because we have spent many hours on the road checking out colleges for DD. It was worth it though because it has opened her eyes to the endless possibilities and at the same time has helped her narrow down her choices.


Melissa said...

Your property looks lovely Barb. While the trees make it lovely the downside is the maintenance! That gingko tree must be so old to be that big! We've been growing one in a pot for years and it's just a string bean!

Know what you mean about yoga, pilates & jelly belly syndrome! ;-)

Pam said...

Wow! You have alot of trees. I bet it looks beautiful in the fall when all of the leaves are changing color.

Jan said...

Gorgeous trees on your property! I am having a huge one cut down in my backyard, just as soon as we have a hard freeze. I was just wanting to have it trimmed, but the tree trimmers, say that the whole thing needs to come down, because it is headed for the humble abode! Anyway, total damage for losing that one tree, $1500.!!

Enjoy your exercising!

Carol said...

Oh, what magnificent trees, Barb! You are smart to have those trees trimmed now, before the ice and snow of winter. We were just considering doing the same thing with the one big tree that is near our house.

I can't stitch in the car either...don't understand how some people do it! Maybe we just have bumpy cars :)

Jackie said...

Wonderful trees!

If you can find the cure to Jelly Belly, you'll be rich!