Sunday, December 28, 2008

My finishing problems...

It never fails. I am all enthusiastic about making Christmas gifts and I never give myself enough time. On top of that, my finishing abilities stink! My stitching is fine, it's the final presentation that stumps me. That is why I have so many projects just sitting in a drawer, offering no proof whatsoever that I actually do stitch.

I finished this little ornament for a friend at work the night before I needed to give it to her. Notice the lumpy filling, the crooked side seams and the bumpy bottom where I sewed the opening? I sure do! Never the less, she loved it and said it was the perfect gift. Maybe I can make her another cancer piece for her that looks a little more presentable.

Kylie's Heart (freebie found here)
DMC on 22 ct Congress cloth

So...I think I will get out some old linen pieces and practice a few techniques before I have to use them on stitched pieces. I have been harvesting finishing ideas from all of your blogs but I am missing a lot of the details. Practice makes perfect, right? Wish me luck!

I have signed up for the 2009 Christmas Challenge, so I will be motivated to stitch, finish and perfect. Watch for my progress details.

I leave you with a picture of our cat Cheddar under the tree.


Jennifer/OH said...

Thank you so much for you kind and heart-felt comments on my blog. We are going on night #3 without a sighting of Sammy, our missing cat. It truly is torture. Could it be better to find a body? I dread that, but at least I would know what happened. This has taken all the joy out of my Christmas and I still have another whole week off from the gym to ponder it all.
I must take some time out and read through your blog. You are in Wooster...we passed through there yesterday on Route 76 on our way back to Clarksville (near Lebanon in Warren County). Home in New Jersey is Cedar Grove. Where are you from?
Cheddar is lovely! As the photo downloaded I expected to see an orange cat, because of the name.
Thanks again for your kind words...glad to "meet" you!

Karoline said...

The ornament is lovely, congratulations. Your kitty is very cute.