Friday, October 24, 2008

Some finishes!!!

Yea! A day off from work (I hardly ever get 2 days off in a row...that's retail for you). There's a lot of pressure in the retail world these days to out do the other guy. I don't mind the work and I love assisting customers, but I have an issue with a manager who can't keep his mouth shut and insults me whenever he gets a chance. Another employee said he knows just where to stick the knife in to make it really hurt. So true. If this continues, I will go to personnel to file a complaint because his insults are undeserving and unacceptable.

Enough of my venting. Stitching again has brought much joy back into my life. The sense of accomplishment with a finished project, the beauty of the fabric and thread and the companionship of all the online stitchers has really been helpful in these down times.

I finished up 2 little projects this week. My intention with this sampler was to give it to someone as a wedding gift. Unfortunately they are now divorced, but I still feel guilty that I didn't get it done and gifted.

Simplicity Goodness Truth - Heart's Content

over one with GAST

I started this sampler by Shepherd's Bush when my daughter was taking skating lessons and competing. She doesn't do this anymore (private lessons were costing me about $60-$90 a week!) but works at an after school program that is held at our local rink. She teaches basic skating skills so there's not much spinning or jumping involved. I'm not sure how I'll finish this but I'll be sure to post a pic once I do.

Skating Sampler - Shepherd's Bush
WDW overdyes and GAST

I have so much to learn about finishing techniques. I just have to jump right in and try some things. I do have a few Christmas ornaments that need finishing, so I will practice with them. Love the flat folds and pinkeeps I keep seeing. I think I am just a little scared, even though I can sew. Just not a crafter at heart.

Must get on with the day. Have to go to the Board of Elections to practice my poll worker skills, go to the library and framer, go to the gym and get ready for the stitch-a-thon tonight, the best part of the day.

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Wendy said...

Hi Barb~ Very sweet pieces! I am always in awe of over-1 stitching!!