Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I haven't made any progress posting to my blog, but I have been making progress with stitching. I've been working more hours and feeling the pain as far as being tired, so I haven't been able to stitch every day. Also, a little preoccupied with financial concerns, given the state of our economy right now. Saps my mental energy.

Just a little to go on Heart's Content "Simplicity, Goodness & Truth." I am embarrassed to say that this was started as a wedding gift for someone some time ago. Since they are now divorced, I guess I am glad it never went to them since I will love to have this sitting on my mantle.

I joined Becky's Let's Stitch blog and it is perfect for me! Many thanks to Becky for coming up with this brilliant idea. I have always felt a little ashamed that I have trouble finishing projects and now I know that I am not the only one out there. It will feel so great to finally show some proof of my work.

I also joined the Me, Myself and I round robin. I had planned on doing our town, but now I am thinking this may be a little too ambitious, since I will have to come up with many of the designs on my own. Once I get a few projects done, I will put more energy into this.

I wish we had a local LNS! There is nothing like lingering in a good needlework shop. Of course, the downside is the urge to buy, buy, buy!

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