Friday, September 5, 2008

Back to the routine

We're back to Ohio from our quick trip out to Colorado to take our son to school. 4 days of driving is just too much for me!!! Of course, DH did most of the driving. He's way better than I could ever be going over all those darned mountains.

I tried stitching in the car. It's just not for me. And there wasn't any time in between sight seeing and eating out to do any. Saw some awesome stuff out there. Completely awe inspiring. I'll be posting some pics on my personal blog as soon as I get it together.

I wish there was a needlework shop in Durango. There is a yarn shop, but didn't go in for fear of making a purchase. I need to go shopping for new stash!


Jeanne said...

Hello Barb - saw your post on the M, M & I blog. Welcome to blogging! I was just in Durango about 3 weeks ago with a group of work friends - we took the train ride to Silverton - just gorgeous! I saw the quilt store in Durango but didn't stop - none of my friends are crafters so I decided to skip it and avoid buying more stash. :)

LODY said...

welcome to the blogland... i too just started blogging this year... it's supposed to be a blog about my stitching but ended up about everything... lol