Thursday, January 14, 2010


The disaster in Haiti has been much on my mind since it occurred.  A sister of a friend of mine is in Haiti.  I don't know why she is there and my friend has no news of her as yet and I know it is causing her much worry. 

I have been reading and trying to find a good place to donate a little (I emphasize little at this point) and I keep coming back to the organization Partners in Health.  Those of you who may have read Mountains Beyond Mountains are already familiar with the work of Dr. Paul Farmer.  Here is a link to a short op-ed piece for the NY Times by the author, Tracy Kidder: Country Without a Net.

There is just too much sadness in the world.  I hope we can all find just a little bit of joy today. 


Lynn said...

I have a former coworker from Haiti whose father is still living there. They've been in my thoughts a lot. I just made a donation to the Red Cross here in Canada for Haitian releif.

Tammy said...

It's heartbreaking to see the devastation. The Red Cross is always a good bet to donate too I think.

mlc said...

Found your blog through your fb page. I like your blog layout. Very nice. I keep thinking I will get back to blogging, but it does seem to take more time than you think. Thanks for all the information about Haiti.